How Much Does a Remote Car Key Cost?
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How Much Does a Remote Car Key Cost?

Most of the modern cars we drive nowadays come with a remote car key. Car keys with remotes allow drivers to control their vehicles without direct contact even when they are not inside. However, such convenience will always come with a price tag which begs the question: how much does a remote car key cost?

We have the answers to that question and all the factors that need to be considered. Before we delve deeper into the costs of remote car keys, let us look into how remote car keys work and other considerations that influence their current price in the market.

How Does a Remote Car Key Work?

Remote car keys are created for user convenience and not mainly for security. It gives both the security of having physical access to open the car manually and the convenience of gaining entry to the door or controlling other parts of the vehicle by simply pushing the buttons.

Remote car keys used to be limited to locking and unlocking a car’s door, window, or boot. But since there have been many advancements in the industry, remote car keys can now do so much. Its additional features include controlling locks and engaging car alarms.

Although the modern remote car keys we now have can accomplish more tasks, they are still considered simple device. Just like a radio, it sends signals to the receiver in your car to serve its function. It either makes use of an infrared signal or a radio transmitter.

The signal may be weak but it is unique to your key and it works only with the car it was programmed to.

Remote car keys are battery-operated. It has a button that you can use to do specific actions on your car. Moreover, lithium coin batteries primarily power most remote car keys.

As mentioned, a remote car key can do so much. However, it will still depend on which the key was programmed to and the model of your car.

Your remote car keys can operate on your car 50 to 80 feet away at most. Such a feature is convenient, especially if your hands are full or if you are in a hurry. Unfortunately, using this key cannot drive your car remotely and allows hands-free driving.

Remote Car Keys vs Transponder Keys

As cars evolve, so does the types of car keys that are manufactured. There have been many innovations in the past years; we’ve now come to remote keyless entry systems from traditional flat metal keys. With all these innovations, we’ve also reached a point where we are confused about which is which, and among the ones that cause confusion are remote car keys vs transponder keys.

Transponder keys combine the transmitter and the responder in one mechanism. Most modern cars make use of this type of key and what makes this key special is its security features.

The obvious difference between the said types of car keys is that the remote car key unlocks doors and windows, and if it does not function, the flat key it comes with can be used instead. On the other hand, transponder keys can unlock a car door without the need for a physical key, and if it does not function, the car’s engine won’t start.

Some remote car keys have the remote feature on the head of the key and can be separated as a different piece. Other remote car keys have the remote feature built directly into the key itself. Suppose the remote unit is not functioning due to a dead battery or damage. In that case, the user won’t have to worry because they can still bypass the locking system using the flat metal key it comes with without having to worry about the car’s alarm blaring off.

How Much Does a Remote Car Key Cost?

If you need to replace or duplicate your remote car key, you might probably spend around $250 to $500, at most.

It can get more expensive if you get a car key replacement directly from your car dealership. Fortunately, you can always seek help from your local and trusted locksmith provider. Most locksmiths nowadays have up-to-date specialist tools, diagnostic software, and a team of experts that caters to many automotive locksmith needs.

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What Impacts the Cost of Replacing Remote Car Keys?

Compared to transponder keys, remote car keys are relatively cheaper. But do not be complacent as remote car keys can get expensive depending on certain factors. Such factors can affect the price of replacing or duplicating your remote car keys. Here are what needs to be considered:

Make and Model: Certain car models may have more requirements or special specifications compared to others.

Parts and Equipment: Consider the circuitry inside the key and the battery that powers the remote car key. In addition, there is also an additional cost for the physical key and programming it.

Security Features: Remote car keys merely enhance the security of the vehicle itself. A thief cannot steal the car in the same way as unlocking and locking a car door, window, or boot.

Convenience: Nothing beats remote car keys when it comes to comfort since you can use them to open doors without touching them at all.

Labour and service needs: Costs of servicing can be expensive, especially if you seek assistance from a car dealership.

Technology: Remote car keys utilise unencrypted frequencies, but they are not as complex and sophisticated as transponder keys.

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