How to Get a Transponder Key Copy
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How to Get a Transponder Key Copy

Have you ever experienced losing your house keys? Or have you accidentally locked yourself out of your car with car keys still inside? It happens to most of us. The worst part is that it usually occurs right when we need to get to someplace. And if you don’t have a transponder key for your car, the more it gets difficult for you to unlock your vehicle by yourself.

Hence, it is always wise to avail of transponder key duplication services so you can manage to get through these kinds of struggles. But how do you exactly get a transponder key copy? We will discuss it in-depth below, including the frequently asked questions about transponder car keys.

What Is a Transponder Key?

The word transponder comes from the word’s transmitter and responder. A transponder key is a device that makes use of microchips. It transmits a unique signal number, which is then received and read by a remote receiver. This remote receiver should be able to detect the correct serial number for it to unlock. The manufacturer of your car is responsible for programming this unique signal number.

Transponder keys can be costly, both production and replacement. But the best thing about this type of key is that it makes your properties ever more secure. Many car manufacturers are already switching over to transponder keys because they are considered an added security measure.
This type of key is used for cars lock, including most home security systems, gates, and garage doors.

How to Get a Transponder Key Copy

Other than the manufacturer, do you know that you can actually get transponder key duplication services from a trusted locksmith? So, whether your transponder key is lost, stolen, or not working, you don’t have to call the manufacturer right away as it can be costly. Instead, you can turn to a locksmith to help you out.

Most locksmiths nowadays have the right tools and equipment to program new transponder keys. They are also trained to create a functional duplicate transponder key with a chip at a price that won’t make you break the bank.
When you own a transponder key, always anticipate the possibility of you losing it. Hence, it is always wise to get a copy right away, so when you lose the original, you will always have a backup. And when you do lose the original, also consider getting another copy using the spare.

By always having a spare, all you need to do when you lose your primary key is simply clone your transponder key with the help of a reliable locksmith. It makes the process of getting a transponder key copy easier because you have a spare one that is ready for cloning.
However, if you prefer to get a new key from the manufacturer, you can still do so, but it will cost you more than just availing transponder key duplication services from a local locksmith.

Transponder Key Duplication FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that you might want to know.

1. What happens if I don’t have a spare?

Without a spare copy of your transponder key, you may be stranded in a difficult situation and may have no choice but to seek the urgent assistance of the car manufacturer or call a tow truck. This process requires effort; hence, making it more expensive and possibly leaving you without your vehicle, this could happen anywhere. it makes a lot of sense to have a spare key you can access should you lose the only copy. If this does happen make sure you call your trusted locksmith first as they would be able to meet you at your car to cut and program a new key to get you on your way.

2. Can I program a transponder key on my own?

The simple answer is no! The process requires specialized automotive scan tools and is quite complicated. There are some cloning devices available on the internet, however, there have been many instances of these machines de-activating the original key leaving you no actual keys that start your car.

It is best to seek assistance from a local locksmith or car dealer as they have the knowledge to correctly program a new remote transponder key with the correct codes.

3. Why are transponder keys more secure?

This type of key offers a higher level of security compared to traditional keys. If you have a transponder car key, it will help prevent car theft and hot wiring. Your car will not start if it can’t detect or recognize the hidden codes inside the chip in your key.

4. Why are transponder key duplication services more expensive?

Keys with microchips cost higher because of the complexity of the process and the equipment and tools invested to duplicate one successfully. The microchips inside these keys are also expensive upon purchase, even for your dealers.

Some cars require the master key to complete the programming process. It will cost significantly more if you do not have your primary key and in some case the dealers require you to replace computers and locks that may cost thousands of dollars. Always check with your local automotive locksmith as they may have more economical solution to achieve the same result.

5. Can I possibly bypass my own transponder car key?

No this is not possible. Only the unique codes in your key can bypass the integrated components that allow the vehicle to start. We do not recommend that you dismantle or attempt to alter your car remote key. There have been many occasions where people have attempted a DIY key battery or chip replacement and have lost the chip in the process needing the urgent service of a dealer or a mobile locksmith.

6. Where to get a reliable transponder key copy?

As mentioned, you can either seek help from a specialised automotive locksmith or your car dealer. If you are on a tight budget and want a more affordable route to get a spare of your transponder key, always seek help from your local reliable locksmith. Most automotive locksmiths’ services providers are equipped with latest tools and equipment to duplicate modern day remote keys and stock the required unique battery that your model may need.

Avail of St George Locksmiths’ Transponder Key Duplication Service

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