A Quick Look: Residential Locksmith Services vs Commercial Locksmith Services
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A Quick Look: Residential Locksmith Services vs Commercial Locksmith Services

At a glance, it may seem like locksmiths do one thing: deal with keys and locks. However, they are more than that assumption since all of them have specialisations. Some locksmiths provide residential locksmith services alone, and some locksmiths offer exclusively commercial locksmith services.

Although both locksmiths are most likely trained to deal with various types of locks, it is essential to note that there are stark differences between the locks found in residential properties to that of commercial establishments. So, what are the differences between the two? Let us take a quick look and compare the two below.

Residential Locksmith Services vs. Commercial Locksmith Services

To see the differences between residential locksmiths and commercial locksmiths, let us compare their services and learn what they specialise in.

What Are Residential Locksmiths?

Residential locksmiths provide services that involve the protection and safety of your homes. There are various possible residential locksmith services that you might find yourself in need of someday. Some of these services include emergency services, lock upgrades and installations, and maintenance services.

Residential locksmiths can assist you if you happen to lock yourself out of your house. Some locksmith companies offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services, and they are the ones who will arrive at your home right away to help you get into your house.

If you recently moved into an old home, you will indeed find the need to upgrade its existing damaged or old security key systems. And with that, residential locksmith service providers are whom you should get in touch with. They can provide you with lock upgrades or installations that are up to today’s quality and modern standards.

And to maintain these upgrades and installations, residential locksmiths can also provide maintenance services to ensure your locks are working and are still under warranty.

To know whether you hired a good residential locksmith, they should be able to give you helpful advice as to what security product you should install in your home to improve or enhance your property’s current security key systems.

Other than the services mentioned above, residential locksmiths can also duplicate your house keys in advance. If you want to avoid situations when you will need the assistance of emergency locksmith services, make sure to have duplicate copies of your keys beforehand, and your local residential locksmith services provider can do that for you.

What Are Commercial Locksmiths?

Commercial establishments, such as office buildings, restaurants, shopping centres, schools, and hospitals, have more sophisticated and complicated security key systems and locks compared to residential properties. The reason for this is that most commercial properties have valuable assets and stocks. And to keep intruders away, they would need highly secured doors, locks, and other systems.

Examples of these complex security key systems include smart access control systems, pin security systems, and other structured master key systems. These systems are almost impossible to pick or bypass, and only a highly-trained commercial locksmith can do so.

Locksmiths who specialise in commercial locksmith service undergo higher levels of training, so they can handle various issues related to complex security key systems. But other than that, qualified ones already have the experience and skills in dealing with other types of commercial locking systems such as safes and filing cabinets.

To know whether you hired a reliable commercial locksmith, they should be trained and accredited, have a good reputation, and should have experienced in dealing with the specialities that you require at the moment.

Why Knowing the Right Locksmith Matters

Aside from learning the importance of choosing the right locksmith services provider, it is also vital to know how to find the correct locksmith. Who knows? You may mistakenly contact a residential locksmith expert when what you need at the moment is someone who can fix your building’s master key systems or access control systems.

The locksmith you should look for should possess the right skills, expertise, equipment, and other technology that meets your current locksmith needs. There are residential locksmith services, and there are commercial locksmith services—these are two different locksmith services, and understanding their differences will enable you to determine who you will need to call when you require their assistance.

Issues with residential locks usually entail simple resolutions. Even today, most households have not yet opted for better and secure key systems, such as a master key system, to improve or enhance their home’s security features. While that remains a fact, there are still some fortunate families who already have one installed in their homes.

Hence, before you call any local locksmith, know that not all of them are familiar, trained, or accredited in dealing with a wide range of locks, specifically in resolving matters related to sophisticated master key systems.

Commercial locksmiths are more familiar with complex key systems that are used to secure business establishments. They have the right know-how and skills to deal with restricted key systems, electronic locks, and other sophisticated locking systems. Furthermore, they are fully aware that each establishment has its own needs and complexities, and, fortunately, they have no problems working around.

Aside from dealing with complex locking door systems, commercial locksmiths also dabble in securing filing cabinets, safes, and other similar mechanisms.

Looking for Commercial Locksmith Services? Turn to St George Locksmiths

Whether you need residential locksmith assistance or commercial ones, our team of experts at St George Locksmiths can help you out on that. We take on a wide range of locksmith services, so rest assured that our team of experts will cater to your needs once you reach out to us for assistance.

For your residential locksmith requirements, our team of mobile locksmiths does not only provide security to your homes, but they will be honest and upfront solutions should your residential property need a security upgrade.

Suppose you are looking for commercial locksmith services. In that case, we also offer a highly secured restricted keying system that can help you manage those who can access your business establishment.

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