EVVA 4KS: Everything You Need to Know
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EVVA 4KS: Everything You Need to Know

Be it in our homes or offices; we are constantly faced with the challenge of security threats. We have so many things that we want to secure, but unfortunately, the traditional lock and key would often no longer suffice. Hence, this created a need for more secure and restricted systems and EVVA answers this need with their EVVA 4KS. People choose 4KS, especially if their businesses require maximum intrusion resistance and flexibility for their master key system.

In this article, let us dive deep into every essential thing you need to know about EVVA 4KS, such as its features, benefits, and where you can avail of this master key system.

EVVA 4KS—The Unmatched System

No matter how vigilant you are in protecting the people and things you value, you should not eliminate the possible threat of having unauthorised individuals gain access to them. This is when the role of maximum-security restricted key systems enters. And one of the best, unmatched systems is EVVA 4KS.

One of the main highlights of the 4KS key is that it has this overlapping curve technology that makes it impossible for you to rule out any form of manipulation. With this feature, you can be assured that it answers your need to have an enhanced security system.

4KS features active sliders and a springless design for its cylinder. These features gave 4KS an edge that other systems can’t compete with. Other systems would often rely on small springs in pushing the locking pins into place. The downside to this is that external elements like dust or grime can affect how this system operates. But with 4KS, that is not the case. Since it has a springless design, the locking pins are moved by the tracks of your 4KS.

4KS also decreases the risk of key breakage, which is a common issue with other master key systems. This is because 4KS is made from high-grade nickel silver, which is a material that is difficult to penetrate. It also has a Teflon coating of all its locking elements, giving you the assurance that the master key system of your choice will withstand the toughest conditions.

Key Features of EVVA 4KS

We have briefly touched on the prominent features of 4KS, such as their active sliders, springless design, and the high-grade nickel-silver alloy of the key. But 4KS, specifically EVVA 4KS, still has so much to offer. Based on EVVA’s website, here are the key security features of EVVA 4KS that would convince you to have this over other types of locks:

  1. is patent-protected until 2035 and is a restricted master key system
  2. creates up to 133 billion possible key combinations
  3. has implemented a complex security hierarchy
  4. has an extensive cylinder range
  5. is suitable for the largest and most complex systems
  6. is a virtually unbreakable key
  7. has springless technology
  8. is suitable for the harshest environments
  9. passed the Australian standards and is Sc8 AS4145.2 compliant

How Can You Benefit from EVVA’s Restricted Systems?

EVVA is a long-established company that made quite an excellent and remarkable reputation in the security sector. They have served many clients from various industries across the globe since 1919.

EVVA offers an extensive range of lock systems that you can benefit from. This already includes EVVA 4KS. Let us take a look at these benefits:

It is easy to use and is priced low.

EVVA’s security solutions are convenient, and of course, you would want that for your business. These solutions are also reasonably priced that you would not hesitate on getting this for your establishment. You can definitely say that you would get your return on investment since you can get a high-security key system without a high cost.

It is a long-term investment that keeps you safe.

Speaking of investment, this is what EVVA’s security solutions can deliver. For as long as you utilise their security solutions, you can also gain long-term benefits, including keeping you safe against security threats. Plus, their solutions can fit your needs as your business grows and expands.

It is difficult to duplicate.

EVVA’s high-security key systems are difficult to duplicate. They keep any burglars and any other unauthorised and unwanted individuals at bay since they require authorisation, and that they are nearly impossible for you to bypass their locks.

So, if you are a careful person who would not lose keys as fast as lightning, then EVVA’s security solutions would not be a problem for you since you would not have the constant need to duplicate keys.


Ultimately, even security systems can still be hacked. However, no matter how professional burglars may be, they know they cannot undermine the difficulty in manipulating high-grade security systems such as EVVA 4KS.

Also, the chances of hacking high-security systems are quite low. With that, you can be comforted by the fact that you can get a return on investment should you decide on getting EVVA 4KS for the safety and security of your business establishment or even for your homes.

St George Locksmiths: Your Maximum Security Master Key System Provider

If you are looking for a reliable provider who can give you a maximum security master key system in Sydney, you can always turn to St George Locksmiths. Other than these restricted key systems, St George also provides a vast range of services, such as emergency locksmith services, key duplication services, transponder key programming, and so on.

Contact Us Now

EVVA makes their 4KS available through a national dealer network, and St George Locksmiths is among the locksmith companies that can offer EVVA 4KS.

St George Locksmiths also offer the following EVVA products, other than the EVVA 4KS:

  1. EVVA DPS: a high-security key system.
  2. EVVA EPS: a pin security system on the market.
  3. EVVA AR KEY: a smart access control system.

Experience our quality locksmith services by calling us on 1300 66 86 86. You may also contact the same number should you find yourself in need of our emergency assistance. And of course, do not forget to visit our website at https://stgeorgelocksmiths.com.au to learn more.


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