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St George Locksmiths Residential and Commerical Locksmith Security services provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you and your valuables are completely safe.

St George Locksmiths only use and sell insurance approved and fire rated security products that comply with Australian Standards & Regulations.

We supply and service all types of security products for the home and commercial premises including Restricted Key Systems, Deadlocks for doors and Safes for securing your valuables.

Other Services include;
• Key Cutting Service
• Emergency Lockout Service
• High Security Key Systems


All St George Area Locksmiths stocks and supplys only top of the range deadlocks and locking systems from these quality manufacturers;

Lockwood 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch
Features high security dealocking making it an ideal lockset for residential and commercial applications. Complete with status indicator and safety release feature. Suitable for hinged or sliding doors 30 to 45mm thick, finished in Bright Chrome (CP), Brown (BRN), Gold Plated (GLD), Satin Chrome (SC) and White (WH).


• Deadlock status shown by LockAlert (TM) with indicator red when deadlock is engaged and green when released
• SafetyRelease (TM) automatically unlocks the internal knob upon entry
• High security with cut resistant stainless steel bolt
• 11 concealed anchorage points
• Door frame strengthener
• Exceeds highest security and durability requirments in AS4145.2
• Bolt hold-back function activated by external key or internal lever
• Can be keyed alike, master keyed, grand master keyed, maison keyed or construction keyed in Lockwood Security keying systems

Lockwood 355 Deadlock
The top security features provided by the 355 Deadlock make it an ideal lockset for both domestic and commercial applications. Suitable for hinged or sliding doors 30 to 45mm thick, finished in Brown (BRN), Chrome Plate (CP), Gold Plated (GLD), Satin Chrome (SC).


• Positive deadlocking action
• Stainless steel bolt
• Thick walled, high purity alloy casting
• Turnknob is interlocked in the case to resist hammer attack
• Turnknob with inbuilt clutching device to resist wrench attack
• Strong interlocking case and mounting plate to resist jemmy attack
• Pressed steel mounting plate and strike
• Concealed fixing
• Can be keyed alike, master keyed, grand master keyed, maison keyed or construction keyed in Lockwood Security keying systems

Contact us today to arrange installation or purchase of any Deadlock locking systems.

Restricted Key Systems

The ultimate in high security. Restricted Key Systems guarantee that your keys will never be copied without your authorisation.

Whether you require to secure one building or an entire multi level complex, we have the system for you to keep total control.

Today, whatever type of security system is in place, whether it is mechanical, mechatronic or electronic; the customer needs to know that they have the highest level of protection from sabotage possible for the system they have implemented. This is certainly the case with a master suite, where unauthorised duplication can mean a complete breach of security.

We supply master and restricted key systems for Strata, Commercial, Business and Home security to suits all budgets and security needs, these include;

• Kaba GeGe
• Kaba IP3
• Lockwood Generataion 6
• Abloy Disk Lock Pro

The Kaba Grundmann patented CNS Stop Key has the qualities you would expect from a cylinder that meets CEN Grade 5 and Insurance guidelines. Supplied with steel anti-drill inserts within the cylinder housing and two rotatable hardened steel pins within the cylinder barrel, specially shaped anti-pick mushroom housing pins and of course key registration.

If a higher level of security is needed then two further hardened steel pins, one in the barrel and one in the housing can be specified.

The unique ABLOY DISKLOCK PRO rotating detainer disc cylinder provides superior masterkeying possibilities with vast number of combinations. It offers optimum resistance against physical attack and picking.

ABLOY DISKLOCK PRO offers a full range of high security cylinders and all products may also be master keyed on the same system.

Contact us today to arrange installation or purchase of any Auto Immobiliser Keys.


Securing your valuables and important documents against house theft has now become a necessity. St Georgew Locksmiths can supply and service the full range of CMI Safes, including Fire proof safes and In Wall safes.

Visit CMI Safe Co Australia website for the complete range.

Service and Repairs

We specialise in service and repair of all domestic and commercial locks including windows, doors, screen doors, bathroom passage locks, garage doors, gate locks, deadlocks, deadbolts, electric strikers and mortice locks just to name a few.
Contact us today to arrange service and repair to any speciliased security system or visit us for immediate results.

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