Key Duplication Service: Reasons Why You ALWAYS Need a Spare Car Key
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Key Duplication Service: Reasons Why You ALWAYS Need a Spare Car Key

Imagine not having a spare car key, and you lose it at a time when you are running late for work or somewhere important. You will indeed feel frustrated, and thoughts of regret for not seeking and contacting a reliable key duplication service will run in your head.

So, before this ever happens to you, make sure you avoid this situation by getting a spare car key from your local and trusted key duplication service provider.

Are Spare Keys Necessary?

When you buy a new car, your car dealer will most likely provide you with an extra key for your vehicle other than the master key. However, if you buy a used one, you will usually receive the master key. In this case, you should take it upon yourself to get a spare car key if you break or lose the primary key.

If you own a house and more than one person is living in it, you need to provide each person with a copy of the original key if you have different schedules throughout the day. In this manner, the house members will no longer have to wait on each other before they can enter.

At a glance, getting a spare car key may not be economical for some people. However, having a duplicate will help you save yourself from any future worries and expenses. You will no longer need to break into your car if ever you get locked out. All you need is to get your spare key from where you kept it, and you are all good to go.

You might still question the need to contact a key duplication service. If you are a forgetful person and that you lose things frequently spare keys are indispensable in your case.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Spare Key

You will never know the time when you need your spare key. Emergencies happen anytime and anywhere. And if you have not invested in a spare car key yet, then you should consider reading these reasons to convince you to get a spare car key, especially if you do not have one yet.

1. Accidental lockouts are no longer worrisome.

Do you fear the day you have to break your car door or window because you left your keys inside? If you know you have a spare car key stored in your home, you will no longer worry as much as when you know you have none.

2. It reduces the need to break doors or windows.

Breaking doors or windows are costly inconveniences that are inevitable when the time comes when you lock yourself out of your vehicle or home. In addition, the primary key can get deformed or broken due to constant use. Your spare car key can come in handy when the primary key becomes unusable.

3. Less waiting time on key replacements.

In some cases, it will take days and even weeks for you to get a spare car key from your landlord, locksmith, or car dealership. Having your car key copy enables you to reduce this waiting time.

4. Ease and convenience for those with multiple household members.

If you are not the only person in your household and that each of you has different schedules, having duplicate keys will be convenient. The hassle is unimaginable if only one person has a copy, and everyone in the household must wait on them to arrive home so that the rest can enter.

5. Save yourself from future unnecessary expenses.

In case you lost or break your original key, having a spare key to base on makes key duplication service faster and cheaper. Having a spare car key also helps you to eliminate the need to break doors or windows and dismantle locks, which can be costly upon fixing.

5 Places Where to Keep Your Spare Key

Let us say you have already used a key duplication service; you might wonder, now what? Where can you keep it so it will remain accessible when you finally need it?

Worry not, as we have listed some possible areas where you can keep your spare key for safekeeping while ensuring its accessibility.

1. A Trustworthy Person

Although they are not technically a place, having a trusted person who can look after your spare keys is one of the best ways to secure your extra keys. This trusted person could be another family member, a close friend, or a reliable Neighbour.

2. Your Purse or Wallet.

Are you someone who cannot go out without a purse or wallet? Then, you might want to consider keeping a spare of your keys in your purse or wallet.

3. Top Drawers

Say your priority is more on accessibility and not so much on hiding your key. In this case, your top drawers should be an ideal location where you can place your extra key to your car, the main door of your house, or other rooms of your home.

4. Safe or Safe Deposit Box

Contrary to the previously suggested place, a safe will surely keep the spare car key to your car or home. A safe deposit box ensures that your extra key copies won’t fall into the wrong hands.

5. Within Your Car

At a glance, this location may seem tricky. However, it would help if you hid it in uncommon spots. You need to get creative (and careful, of course) since car thieves already know the familiar places where spare keys are usually hidden.

Get Your Spare Key at St George Locksmiths

Not knowing where to get a spare car key should not be a problem if you know the exemplary key duplication service in your area. If you live in the St George area of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, St George Locksmiths has your locksmith service and other security needs covered.

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